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Mentum Pigments Rectify Face Serum - 30ML

Mentum Pigments Rectify Face Serum - 30ML

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Elixir Proliferation, Restoration Skin Tone 

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    Our serum offers an unparalleled experience and fulfils your desire to achieve even-toned and youthful-looking skin. Fabulous properties of Moringa & Pomegranate seed oils work exceptionally well as anti-oxidants and control hyperpigmentation too. This serum is a formulation that combines various plant extracts and seed oils to enhance the pivotal factors responsible for the health of your skin. Once you infuse your daily routine with our serum, these factors, namely hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, regeneration and protection, are taken good care of. After regular use, when you decide to look deeper into your face, discover a newfound radiance glaring back at you.

    Moringa Seed Oil:
    Moringa oil is blessed with the abundance of nature. It is a sublime storehouse of anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The anti-oxidants block the free radicals responsible for early wrinkles and other skin damage. The vitamins and minerals actively contribute towards smoother and softer skin tone. This featherlight oil is easily absorbed to provide better moisturization and nourishment for your skin. A significant presence of oleic acid in the Moringa seed oil aids in deep penetration and retains moisture for a longer period. It also tends to the redness and irritation caused by inflammation. If you are looking for a healthy natural glow, this oil is a superfood for your skin!

    Pomegranate Seed Oil:
    For its multi-tasking properties, Pomegranate seed oil has been incorporated into various beauty care products throughout the ages. The presence of ellagic acid makes it a natural source of phenol anti-oxidants, responsible for bouncy and healthy skin. This deeply nourishing oil is also the unique source of punicic acid or omega-5 found in nature. Our product contains concentrated CO2-extracted pomegranate oil with a higher punicic acid content that surpasses the usual cold-pressed oil. Nearly 65-70% of the essential fatty acid performs as a viable anti-ageing ingredient to fight free radicals and reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles. What more! naturally obtained vitamin E (1%) with four types of tocopherols such as alpha, beta, gamma and delta, are found in the Pomegranate seed oil. Bestowed with rejuvenating qualities, this oil stimulates collagen production to achieve softer and more polished-looking skin. For superb skin benefits, it is extremely satisfactory for skin that requires extra hydration and freedom from stretch marks. Pomegranate seed oil is 100% organic and recommended even for eczema and dermatitis.

    Turmeric Rhizome:
    Ayurveda has long recognized the turmeric plant typically found in the Indian subcontinent for its various medicinal uses. Inherently based on the root of the turmeric plant, the curcuminoids are extracted for their miraculous properties. The standardized powder then becomes a potent ingredient endowed with skin whitening, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities, not to miss its role in providing UVB protection as well. One of the effective anti-oxidants and skin-soothing agents called Tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane and similarly named curcuminoids are responsible for lessening irritation and dissolving discolourations of skin to deliver an even tone that is categorically visible over time. It restrains free radicals and forbids tyrosinase for your skin to produce melanin with greater ease. As a result, Tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane has been a popular choice for anti-ageing, skin-brightening, and before & after sun exposure care formulations. The curcuminoids are also in charge of influencing the hyaluronic acid content in the skin, thus creating a natural support system for maintaining a smooth and hydrated outer layer. However, the natural yellow colour of the curcuminoids tends to stain the skin. That is the reason why the skin care industry prefers its synthetic form more than ever. But to grab all the benefits without this specific problem, chemists have stumbled upon a nearly colourless bio-identical form of the curcuminoids embedded in the turmeric plant. We have thoroughly explored three curcuminoids to develop the serum that promotes and preserves healthy skin at any age.

    Bakuchi Oil:
    Popular as Babchi oil, Bakuchi oil is renowned in India and China for its medicinal properties. Where the mainstream cosmetic industry depends on synthetic additives like Retinol, we have considered Bakuchiol instead. It is an impressive natural alternative found in Bakuchi oil. As a botanical elixir, this oil is a powerhouse for essential fatty acids like Omega-6, 7, and 9. Their combination is exceptionally effective in terms of skin transformation and profound moisturisation. If you are in favour of vegan-friendly beauty products, this oil is a marvel of nature that can revamp your natural beauty. Your rejuvenated skin will say thank you for the glow that was never seen before!

    Chia Seed Oil:
    This organic oil is legendary when it comes to skincare methods and treatments. Seeds from the Chia plants are cold pressed and filtered to obtain a golden-hued oil with a mild nutty fragrance. Packed with natural goodness, Chia seed oil is claimed to be one of the richest sources of fatty acids available to us. The presence of both Omega- 3 (up to 65%) and Omega- 6 (up to 21%) has made Chia seed oil a natural choice for a skin nourishment routine. Damage caused by pollution and exposure to the unruly elements of the environment can be mitigated as Omega- 3 is excellent in fighting against inflammation and providing additional protection to the skin. While the oil works miracles on injured tissues, the inherent anti-oxidants such as vitamins A & E build defence system and assist in tissue regeneration. Whether your sensitive skin needs deep hydration, smooth complexion or craves for blemish-free softness, Chia seed oil is a perfect choice. Stop worrying about the early signs of ageing and bask in the brilliance of your glowing, velvety skin.

    After Cleansing Apply 2-3 drops of Luminosity Hydrating Golden Elixir Face Serum onto your fingers and gently press into your face and neck, you can add few drops into your face cream for boost.